Shauna Sand Sex Tape

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Shauna Sand sex tape

Shauna Sand sex tape is an adult film that you do not want to miss. It features Hollywood’s princess of pumps, and queen of high heels. This tape was released by Vivid Entertainment and you can download it from their website. The sex tape was widely available, and people who are dying to watch the sex can easily get a copy of it.

The release of the video was unknown to the actress. In fact, she seeks for legal action against Vivid Entertainment for distributing the sex tape. The busty Shauna Sands says that the explicit video was taken from her illegally, and the distribution company has no right to distribute it. However, the sextape has given her new fame and attention in the entertainment industry. For this reason, she decided to withdraw the legal action that she filed against Vivid Entertainment.

Shauna Sand sex

Shauna’s tape was supposedly not to be seen by anyone. However, Vivid Entertainment has made it possible for people to see the scandalous movie. It features the busty model/actress and her stud boyfriend. The sex tape video quality is high, and you can see every angle of her body. Download Shauna’s tape now and see the huge tits and pussy of the actress.

This tape is not like the usual sex tape that you see. Unlike other adult films, this amateur movie is consisted of unusual things that make it better to watch. She posed for several photo shoots while lying in bed to make her partner aroused. Just like old times, Shauna Sand posed extremely hot. There’s a scene where you will see her topless lying in bed, where her big tits almost covering half of her torso.

After several shoots, Shauna Sand gave her boyfriend a head. However, before giving her boyfriend lick, she pours a liquid on it, and it appears that it was a milk or white beverage. Then, she started to lick and suck the cock of her sex tape partner. Shauna Sand is good at doing this. Watch how the cock goes in and out of her mouth, and how she sucks the ball sacs of her boyfriend. This made her boyfriend moan loud, and she does not stop until she was satisfied.

After giving her sex partner with a long and unusual head, she decided to be licked and sucked. She lay down on a bed with her back flat, and pussy ached upward to give boyfriend an access to her wet cunt. Download the full tape and watch how she enjoys that sensation of that she feels when her boyfriend slips his tongue on her grey pussy. This scene is quite common to adult films. However, this is extremely different as this Shauna Sand. You can hear moaning with her sweet voice and asking for more. In fact, she almost squirts because of the sensation of her boyfriend’s tongue coming in and out from her wet cunt.

If you’re watching this sex tape with your girlfriend, or wife; you will not need to warm up as you can have sex in not time as the scenes and the voice of Shauna Sand are enough to make the both of you aroused. You can also pour an ice cream on you dick and let your girlfriend suck it from there. Watch closely how her big tits come up and down as she rides her boyfriend. She enjoys the presence of her boyfriends cock inside her, and make sure that she will explode with that sensation that she desires.

After the foreplay, both of them decided not to hold back. Shauna opens her legs widely and allows the hard cock of her boyfriend get inside her pussy. The camera that they use in filming the sex tape was clear and positioned in the right angle so, the scenes were recorded very well. Download the tape and watch how many times she was pumped and pounded. They even tried the doggy position, where you can clearly see the wet pussy of Shauna Sand.

Another good thing about the Shauna Sand tape is that it shows how good the actress in bed. As you watch the sex tape, you will discover that the actress is the one who is doing the things that can make the movie good quality. It even appears that she was playing her boyfriend’s dick and used it to satisfy her lust.

Download the entire porn video, and do not settle for clips and images. Video clips and images will only make you ask for more, and this can leave you the feeling of discomfort. If you download the full video of Shauna Sand sex tape, you will have the opportunity to look what’s under the panty of the actress, and witness how good she is as a man satisfied.

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