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Tila Tequila sex tape

The biography of Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila, who is also known as Tila Nguyen is a Singaporean born with an American citizenship. Her family moved to Houston, Texas when Tila Tequila was one year old. Tila was born to interracial parents. As a young kid, Nguyen lived in a Buddhist gated community until she was attained an age of 8 years.

When she attained fifteen years Tila Tequila began to smoke and later vanished to New York City at only sixteen years of age. While in New York, Tila was discovered by a Playboy scout in shopping mall immediately after she graduated from elementary school. Though she was sceptical at the beginning, gave it a try and accepted the offer to be a playboy. This saw her move to West Hollywood for a career in acting.

Tila Tequila is an individual who does not seem to care about what people think of her. Her reputation and image are not the main drivers that she is using sex tapes to become popular. She is only concerned about what makes her happy. Tila Tequila’s desire to propel in life made her to have an agreement with the rights holders, Vivid Entertainment. Tila Tequila knows nothing other than success. When other celebrities are crumbling, Tila is still climbing up the ladder. She is just the kind of celebrity who does not give up so easily. From the public side, we cannot deny the fact that Tila Tequila is very sexy and beautiful.

Tila Tequila has become so popular not because she acted in different TV shows, but because she is a social actor and star who does not know class. She is a humble but pretty lady who only knows that life is about being the best. One of the excellent attributes about Tila Tequila is the way she handles the pressures of negative media and social networks.

What is the most fascinating features about Tila Tequila? This emanates from the way holds her perception towards life encounters. At her tender age she was sent off to a boarding school. She started to engage in drugs and substance abuse. She has been admitted to psychological centres for mental disturbances and yet in all these troubles she emerges a victor. Today her determination has earned her respect, fame and above all riches.

It has been reported that Tila Tequila has earned a substantive pay after agreeing with the rights holders, Vivid Entertainment over the tape circulation and sale. Though some folks may claim that Tila Tequila was driven by money factor, it is true that she was also seeking to her name top the list of the world superstars. She wanted a comeback into the limelight especially after recent troubles. Determined as she is now, Tila Tequila will not fall to pressures of criticism.

The real Tila Tequila sex tape

Tila Tequila sex tape

From the video of uncorked, we can infer that Tila Tequila is a real slut and hot lesbian who enjoys having mono sex with her fellow female porn actor. She screams when she is aroused by her two hot fuckers, who also enjoy what they do. It is uncommon for you to find such ladies engaging in lesbian sex without having any competition. Yet in this uncorked sex tape, Tila Tequila enjoys almost everything that she receives from her friends. There is also a camera that is placed in the room to capture all these spectacular events as they unfold.

To what extent does Tila Tequila allow her girlfriends to take a camera on top of her? It is just amazing the way and position in which this camera is organized. Tila does not embarrass any of her girlfriends. She is an experienced star who knows only the best. Being a male inclined artist makes her strong and able to bend into any shape.

In real life situations most people would swiftly resend to the idea of having a camera while fucking. However that is not the case of Tila Tequila. In her case, she quickly accepts the idea of self fucking on the camera, by being cooperative to her girlfriends and offers them a chance to capture every bit of the action. This may be crazy to many folks, but with Tila Tequila, that is just a passage to higher levels.

One question that we can ask ourselves is the way these sluts coordinate in fucking Tila Tequila while maintaining the position of the camera. It is extremely difficult to do that not unless you are trained for that. Tila Tequila has proved to her fans that he is of a rare superstar, and her fucking prowess is highly professional. She has sent out her message by showing to the world that she is yet to expire from the celebrity world. Hers is a spirit of self-determination and hard work. If she had not invested most of her time discovering what she is best at, then she could not have made it to the top league of celebrities.

A majority of people has not embraced the idea of having sex on camera. Most of them believe that their bed time affairs have to be private and should not be recorded on external devices like cameras. Such people choose to keep their sex pictures in their memories. Have ever tried having sex on the camera? If you claim to have done that then you may be as well be lying. Only Kim Kardashian or Tila tequila can confess of having done their private sex on camera.

In the video, you will notice that the sweet sex chapters were ok and fully edited. This is a tape that everybody should watch because of its quality. The main factor that attracts most of Tila Tequila’s fans is the fact that she is already a celebrity and she commands a base of her own fans. Having earned a name in the media industry and public arenas, Tila is just ripe to watch in her sex tape. Some critics may claim that Tila is just a girl seeking to have an easier road to fame. Though may sound true, Tila Tequila has already become a global brand and no one can ever doubt her career profile. She is already enjoying a substantial fan base in Asian, Europe and back home in America. Any acting that Tila Tequila engages in will not deter her from being where she has been for years.

One thing that Tila Tequila holds is her rare smile. The way she presents it in this tape shows some in-built passion that most superstars do not have. She is a lady with natural characters that have been coupled with ample substance of fun. What then makes her tape so unique?

The way Tila Tequila receives her girlfriend’s dildo strokes in her pussy and the manner in which her boobs are sucked leaves her burning in intense fire of romance. Such moves are well calculated and can tell the viewer that this is a unique and high quality sex tape that should be watched. It is a tape that will leave many of her fans feeling remotely connected to her without having physical sex.

Does it mean that Tila Tequila is not interested in hard dick fucking like most of her fellow celebrities have done? In her fame journey, Tila Tequila seems to have chosen a path that most top celebs have chosen. It is a short cut to fame. It is a true image of what triumphs in the celebrities’ world. Every celeb is always looking for ways to remain relevant. Some just want to in the limelight and others just want to get noticed. Few of them love doing what make them famous. Yet this very celebs including Tila Tequila have unwavering base of fans that adore and love what they do, even if their actions are negative to our society.

If we go back to the scandalous sex tape that has earned Tila Tequila fame in the celebrity industry, we will note that Tila has some good qualities of a great superstar. In the sex tape, Tila Tequila appears to enjoy and feel every bit of lesbian sex she receives from her girlfriends. Though is not being dick fucked, Tila Tequila moans in pleasure as her boobs are sucked by her girlfriends simultaneously. This is accompanied by the pussy licking she gets in her cunt. She cannot be distracted from this course as she completely submerges herself into the real fantasy that she gets while being worked on.

Tila Tequila seems to passionately enjoy what she is getting from her girlfriends. It is because of this love that she becomes easily pleased in a sex encounter. In this video, we can compare Tila Tequila to Kim Kardashian who was also easily pleased by Ray J’s dick in her cunt. She loved it. Like the strokes of Ray’s dick which made Kim Kardashian pussy enjoy the real cock, so is the toy fuck that Tila Tequila receives from her girlfriends. The missionary position that she possesses in when being licked in her cunt only increases the urges to have cunt fucked. The way she fondles the soft body parts of her girlfriends leaves you more entertained and motivated to watch this tape more than once.

Latest information on Tila Tequila sex tape

You can believe her or you can doubt her. Tila Tequila is definitely the lady that you have to spare your time and watch. She is a popular character on the MTV show, with her hot hit of Shot at Love. She has been a playboy actor, penthouse, Maxim and above all she is a fashion designer. She has been invited in almost all shows and TV interviews. Magazines have also acquired her images as a way to attract customers to their traffic jams. Her history speaks for her as she has a rich profile that most celebrities do not have.

Tila Tequila is one of the hot ladies that have shocked the world by doing what other people think to be impossible. This is not a rumour but a true story to prove that. Tila Tequila has a sex tape that she has starred with two other hot sluts. It is a lesbianism sex tape that she uses to get the much needed attention and fame. The tape is titled “Uncorked”. The name uncorked could casually infer that the sex tape is not a dick driven video.

Tila Tequila, who is considered to be a hot spinner, comes into direct contact with her two lesbian partners in a die-hard fuck video. This is a tape you will never forget in your entire life. It is a new tape but offers unique fucking techniques, styles and moves that a modern slut require. She also has the speed and ability to flex her muscles. In her sex tapes titled Uncorked, Tila Tequila and her sexy sluts engage in a hot sizzling romantic lesbian sex using toys licking and fingering. All these events happen in a one night stand. As one night that is filled with toy sex, Tila Tequila is enjoying every moment. The kiss she receives heats her pussy and softens her body for a nice dildo fuck. It is an ordinary night for her.

Where to watch Tila Tequila sex tape

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